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MECO remains committed to a philosophy which places people and relationships first, whether a customer, an employee or a supplier.

MECO, Inc. of Savannah was founded in 1952 by Mr. Matt Matthews and Mr. Jim Nettles as a subsidiary of Metal Equipment Company, a manufacturer of storage tanks for the petroleum industry. MECO-Savannah provided a full range of petroleum handling equipment, including pumps, truck tanks, meters, valves and fittings to oil jobbers in Georgia and South Carolina. A team of salesman traveled Georgia and South Carolina, calling on oil jobbers in their assigned territories, distributing hand pumps, hoses, nozzles, valves and fittings from their vehicles.

Frank Futrelle, Rentz Woodruff and Mike Scudder were employed by Mr. Matthews during the fifties and were instrumental in the early growth and success of MECO. As the business prospered in each of the territories, offices were opened in Augusta, Atlanta and Florence to better serve the customers in each region. Frank opened the Augusta office in 1959, Rentz opened the Florence office in 1964 and Mike opened the Atlanta office in 1965. Over time, each man would assume ownership of these operations. During the seventies a second generation began their careers at MECO, additional offices were opened and additional ownership opportunities arose.

MECO facilities 001 2Today there are 12 MECO offices located throughout the southeast. It is a unique business model, which offers customers the strength of a large sales and service company combined with personnel service that comes with local ownership. MECO-Florence was founded in 1964 by Matt Matthews and Rentz Woodruff. The partners constructed a new facility consisting of office, warehouse and shop space at 904 South Church Street. Jack Brantley accompanied Rentz from Savannah to Florence to serve as General Manager for the new company. Matt would eventually sell his interest in the company to Rentz. Taylor Woodruff joined the company in 1978 as a retail/commercial salesman and was named President in 1989. Chris Brantley joined the company in 1985 and assumed the position of Service Manager in 2005. Tim Brantley started in 1988 and is another key employee in the Technical Service Department. Willis Smith and Jimmy Griffin bring over 75 years of combined experience to the Installation Department. In 1997, MECO-Florence established a branch office in Fayetteville, North Carolina to better serve the companies good customers in eastern North Carolina. Bob Baskin, with over 27 years of service to petroleum marketers in the Fayetteville area, is the Service Manager.

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