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POS Systems

 MECO provides innovative retail products and systems for convenience stores, hypermarkets, and the retail petroleum market.

Passport® Point of Sale System

A new way to manage your world. Today’s convenience store environment has more challenges than ever – more items, more programs, more components. And it’s important to choose a point-of-sale system that brings it all together. That’s the idea behind the Passport point-of-sale system. It’s your connection to a more convenient, more secure, more profitable future.

  • Superior usability with an intuitive, intelligent touch-screen interface that dramatically reduces training time, errors and shrinkage.
  • Seamless connectivity and standardization with more dispensers, components and locations.
  • Powerful business information and security features through dynamic reporting and tracking mechanism.
  • Sophisticated business growth tools, including fuel discounting, merchandise options and additional profit center management.
  • Easy expandability and maintenance- Passport's modular structure and optional software maintenance agreements mean you can buy only what you need today and expand as needed.

By converging across multiple sites,multiple devices and all major dispenser manufacturers, Passport makes everyday tasks easier and gives you the power to grow your business in ways you never thought possible. It’s a better way to connect. Now and in the future.



VeriFone POS Systems

Ruby is one of the most reliable point of sale systems in the industry, giving our customers unparalleled uptime. Our new products build on Ruby’s strengths. C-store operators can easily move to new technologies with advanced functionality, without losing the value of their initial Ruby investment.



  • Designed for the highest uptime and reliability
  • The only industry POS that has a clearly defined migration path
  • Add Sapphire for more in-store control
  • Add Topaz for the convenience of a touch screen
  • Your initial Ruby investment is protected as your business grows
  • Supported by a broad partner solution community, Authorized Contractors and VeriFone's 24/7/365 priority support.

Sapphire Upgrade

Sapphire brings your Ruby site more integrated tools to help you increase profits and streamline your overall operation. Sapphire is decision management software that provides remote data access to help maximize your POS investment, build customer value, and leverage innovative technologies for the petroleum/c-store industry.

Sapphire System

A powerful site controller and web server that adds peripheral management bandwidth and allows for future configuration expandability for the Ruby SuperSystem and Topaz.

Sapphire is a high-powered site controller that offers the highest reliability and control of mission critical point-of-sale devices and data in your fuel business. Sapphire’s technology was designed to expand the investment you made in Ruby through ease of migration and true open systems architecture, while opening opportunities for newer technologies, such as VeriFone’s new Topaz touch screen workstation.



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