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Retail & Commercial Fuel Pumps


Encore 700 med
Encore® 700 S Dispensers

Secure your competitive advantage and increase profits with Gilbarco Veeder-Root's Encore 700 S -- your best dispenser investment for today and tomorrow. Highly secure, powerful CRIND® electronics build a flexible and innovative platform for your changing forecourt marketing and payment needs. Enjoy peace of mind with a leading foundation that is highly secure today and upgradeable to meet the payment security and technology needs of tomorrow

Encore 700 S delivers:

  • The industry's proven forecourt merchandising solutions, featuring Applause™ content management to drive in store traffic
  • Enhanced security that minimizes your investment in future requirements
  • Future-ready, established global electronics platform that supports emerging technologies
  • Familiar, quality design -- durable construction for lower cost of ownership and ATM-style customer interface for better throughput




Encore S
Encore® S Dispensers

STYLISH design attracts customers

  • Refined bezel and columns enhance site appearance
  • Design instills comfort, confidence, and loyalty
  • Angled canopy and eye-level graphic reinforces retailer’s brand image

SIMPLE operation for faster transactions

  • Customer-defined, centralized layout
  • Intuitive customer interface
  • Large buttons with positive feedback

SMART Technology maximizes site profit

  • SMART Merchandising™ drives in-store sales
  • SMART Connect™ increases site uptime
  • SMART Flow™ increases throughput to drive profits

SECURE features reduce theft and fraud

  • Security features to prevent unauthorized access
  • Programmable codes for site level security
  • Increased payment privacy
  • Factory sealed pulsers and meters

SUPERIOR flexibility for today and tomorrow

  • Forward and backward compatible Encore® electronics
  • Flexible to upgrade and grow with your business



Encore S Ultra Hi with DEF

Trucks fleets are rapidly converting to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF,) providing you with another opportunity to make your site a destination for drivers. They want convenient fueling and payment, for all the fuels they need. Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the only supplier to offer you a full product line to greet these new opportunities, including Encore S DEF + 1 dispensers.

You want to make the most of your forecourt space, increase throughput, and enjoy the industry’s most reliable equipment with maximum uptime and lowest total cost of ownership. Your customers can fill their diesel tanks as well as DEF tanks from the same fueling position -- without the mess and inconvenience of DEF jugs and funnels. And our Encore S Ultra-Hi Series masters and satellites deliver Ultra-Hi flow fueling of both diesel tanks simultaneously in a single transaction. Your POS may be able to combine the fuel and DEF sales into a single transaction, reducing your transaction fees.



The Legacy Series - Electronic
The Legacy Series

All Legacy® models are made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

We called upon our decades of experience with Highline™, Trimline, and commercial units. Then we added the time-proven technologies of The Advantage® series. And the Legacy® series was born.

The electronic Legacy® model allows communications with controllers, cash registers, and computers for complete retail site management.

Key Distinguishing Feature

Designed for highly reliable service and lower cost of ownership.

  • Simplified hydraulics
  • Improved service access
  • Hydraulic connections reduced by over 50% for fewer potential leak points

Features and Benefits

Legacy® Electronic pumps and dispensers feature electronics that can communicate with controllers, cash registers, and computers for complete retail site management.

  • Easy-to-read black-on-orange liquid crystal displays.
  • Painted lower doors.
  • Electromechanical totalizers.
  • Hose retrievers.
  • Gilbarco® patented "fail safe" solid-state pulsers.



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Gasboy Atlas (DEF) Dispensers

Integrating DEF into your existing fleet management system is easy with Gasboy. The proven user interface of our Atlas DEF dispenser will be familiar to your drivers and works seamlessly with your existing fleet management systems and applications. Add DEF to your system and manage all aspects of your fleet using one reliable system.

The Atlas DEF dispenser comes in two models: Cold Weather and Warm Weather. The Cold Weather DEF dispenser is designed to prevent DEF freezing and crystallization with a heated cabinet. Both models have stainless steel hydraulics to protect against corrosion and use an innovative, Weight and Measures approved Coriolis Mass Flow Meter measures DEF accurately and reliably.



Gasboy Atlas

Choose from the industry’s leading range of pump and dispenser models, with features and options designed specifically to meet the unique needs of fleet operators. The Gasboy® Atlas series is rugged, durable, reliable and perfectly suited for the tough fleet fueling environment. Electronic and mechanical choices are lit for unattended applications. High flow, Super High Flow, and Ultra High models provide fast fueling for large vehicles. Satellite dispensers allow simultaneous fueling of saddle tanks to reduce fueling time. Gasboy Atlas pumps and dispensers are compatible with a full range of Gasboy Fleet Management Systems to help you track and manage your fleet better. From the most simple system to the most comprehensive one, Gasboy offers turnkey solutions to simplify your operation.

Quality makes the difference. Nobody understands the tough fleet fueling environment better than Gasboy. That’s why our Atlas pumps and dispensers are tough by design. We use the highest quality materials and craftmanship to bring you the best equipment you can buy.

  • Brightly lit brand area and display.
  • Improved flow-through meter increases reliability.
  • Vane type pumping unit does not require special priming procedure.
  • Heavy duty 13-guage, galvanized frame and lower panels.
  • Fully removable door for easier access and service with plenty of room to work.
  • Removable side and top sheathing black or customer specified color, or stainless steel side and top panels.
  • Customizable graphic options on lower door



NL3 Flex Fuel Dispenser
Encore Flexible Fuel Dispensers

Your customers are demanding more and more alternative fuel options. Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers help broaden your fuel offering while keeping the fueling experience simple – and safe.

With the industry’s broadest set of flexible fuel options, Encore offers up to five product selections from one fueling position. It’s a smart investment that lets you maximize branding and sales opportunities, while keeping the number of tanks needed to a minimum. All with the unmatched durability and reliability you expect from the industry leader in flexible fuels.

Our newest model, NJ4, is a Multi-Hose Hybrid Blender, allowing you to offer three grades of blended gasoline, as well as two additional blended grades of alternative fuel that blend through their own individual hoses. Combined with clear signage, this feature prevents mis-fueling at the pump.

The Encore Flexible Fuel dispenser comes with all the same selling tools and value-added options as a traditional Encore unit:

  • Applause™ TV or Applause Media System on 10.4” color screen
  • Highly secure and powerful CRIND® electronics
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty




Tough, dependable pumps and meters for a demanding marketplace

Well known Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps meet your stationary and mobile fuel transfer pump needs with a variety of AC, DC, hand pumps, flow meters and accessories for most applications.

See our full-line of Fill-Rite products to find the best pump for your needs.

  • AC Fuel Transfer Pumps Ideal for stationary installations. With FILL-RITE® products you get the accuracy, durability and reliability that you demand. You can find the right pump for your application for the right price from the complete family of FILL-RITE® AC Fuel Transfer Pumps.
  • DC Fuel Transfer Pumps With the Fill-Rite DC Fuel Transfer Pumps, you can take reliability and pumping power wherever you need it. From portable use to tank and barrel mounting, DC pumps from Fill-Rite make transferring fluids safe and trouble-free where AC power is not available.
  • Hand Pumps Tough. Reliable. Long-lasting. Fill-Rite Hand Pumps deliver fluids quickly and easily. Whether you're transferring gasoline, oil, diesel, even residual water from your tanks, select from a variety of Fill-Rite hand pumps. You'll appreciate the trouble-free performance of these rugged hand pumps.
  • Oil Pumps Tough. Reliable. Long-lasting. Fill-Rite lube transfer pumps & dispensers transfer bulk oils and hydraulic fluids quickly and easily. Whether you're transferring new or waste oil from your tanks, you'll appreciate the trouble free performance of these rugged pumps and dispensers. Accessories are also available.
  • Cabinet Pumps & Dispensers Above-ground storage tanks to meet the needs of customers with above ground storage tanks. Fill-Rite offers a full line of pumping units, cabinet pumps and dispensers.
  • Flow Meters Cost-effective high-performance Liquid Flow Meters for industrial, commercial, and municipal service. Our flow meters are used in batching, blending, process control, and dispensing of liquid products in all liquid-handling industries.


Please call 1-800-845-4357 for a complete list of our available products. 


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